While we strive to ensure we deliver only the highest standards in chemical weed control  services, we recognise the need for an effective alternative to the use of herbicides in high profile or socially sensitive areas.

To this end we offer our Hot Water Weed control services.


The application of Hot Water at sufficient temperature to provide cellular destruction of the weed is a proven means of weed control  now being used in many countries including Australia.


Sensor Machine 


Mid 3.0 

We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to our valued customers.

Ask us about this exciting innovation - team@technigro.com.au



Road Network Weed Control

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Aquatic Weed Harvesting

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Weed Control

Hot Water Weed Control; Road Network Weed Control; Aquatic Weed Harvesting; Broadleaf Weed Treatments; Primary Weed Control; Clearing and Declared Weed Control

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Natural Areas Management

Primary Weed Control; Revegetation; Declared, Restricted and Invasive Weeds; Riparian Zone and Waterway Programs; Rehabilitation and Bushland Maintenance; Aquatic Weed Control; Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting

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Turf Services

Aeration; Fertilising & Soil Amendments; Herbicide & Insecticide Applications; Broadleaf Weed Control; Weed Wiping; Top Dressing; Scarifying; Turf Consultancy

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Whole of Maintenance; Revegetation; Clearing and Declared Weed Control; Landscape Construction; In Blooms Floral Displays

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