Technigro provides truly integrated service solutions. We work in regional and urban contexts: in small, tight knit communities and Australia's largest cities.

Technigro is unique in its ability to offer a diverse range of services that are integrated via systems, technology and experienced management. This makes us deeply responsive to the complex needs of customers and communities we work within every day. Our roads and waste management teams work in and around parks and gardens managed by our horticulture, arboreal and turf maintenance staff. Working together they find deeper efficiencies and deliver services of consistent quality.

Technology and knowledge evolves quickly. By listening, adapting and innovating we work closely with our customers to embrace change, develop solutions and create value. Steadfast in the maintenance of environmental and safety standards, the Citywide team is always focused on meeting your objectives: safer, more resilient and admired community assets.

Everywhere we work, people count on us.

Weed Control

Hot Water Weed Control; Road Network Weed Control; Aquatic Weed Harvesting; Broadleaf Weed Treatments; Primary Weed Control; Clearing and Declared Weed Control

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Turf Services

Aeration; Fertilising & Soil Amendments; Herbicide & Insecticide Applications; Broadleaf Weed Control; Weed Wiping; Top Dressing; Scarifying; Turf Consultancy

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Natural Areas Management

Primary Weed Control; Revegetation; Declared, Restricted and Invasive Weeds; Riparian Zone and Waterway Programs; Rehabilitation and Bushland Maintenance; Aquatic Weed Control; Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting

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Whole of Maintenance; Revegetation; Clearing and Declared Weed Control; Landscape Construction; In Blooms Floral Displays

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