Feb 21, 2020

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Nowhere on Earth is the prevention of stormwater pollution more important than in Queensland, where the runoff of land-based nutrients has a direct and immediate impact on the health of the world’s most celebrated coral reef.

Three years ago, Technigro took a bold step to reduce stormwater pollution by investing in a highly sophisticated wastewater treatment solution for washing its growing fleet of mowing, weeding and turf treatment equipment.

The results speak for themselves, with more than 100 mowers, spreaders and sprayers now using the Waste2Water system at Yatala each week – saving the company thousands of litres of water and, critically, ensuring no oil, diesel, herbicides or fertilisers ever find their way into local waterways.

“We understand this was not a cheap investment, but we want to reuse as much of our wastewater as possible, and avoid putting anything into the stormwater that could harm the environment in any way,” explains Randall Fox, who manages Technigro’s fleet and assets in Queensland.

“In these times of enduring drought, we can maintain a high level of equipment presentation and a clean business location, without the guilt of using precious drinking water.”

Microbes that ‘eat’ pollution

Manufactured by Country Club International, the ESD Waste2Water system is a patented biological treatment system that uses lab-grown microbes to break down organic contaminants such as oil, grease, petrol, diesel, herbicides and chemical fertilisers in a giant closed-loop system. The contaminants are turned into carbon dioxide and low-turbidity water, which can be safely reused.

The system also separates grass clippings, soil and other suspended solids from the wash-water and funnels them into a wheelbarrow-type cart – which can then be used for mulch or disposed of in a responsible manner.

In recent years, faced with the growing pollution of the marine environment, local councils have imposed strict bans and fines on anyone caught putting anything other than fresh water into the stormwater or any fuels or chemicals into the sewage system.

Last year, these concerns also inspired Technigro and Citywide to invest in the world’s most environmentally friendly solution for killing roadside weeds – through the application of tiny, targeted amounts of near-boiling water.

In December, Technigro took possession of Australia’s first Heatweed Sensor and MiD machines, which are now providing daily weed-killing services on the roads and footpaths of suburban Brisbane.

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Technigro wash down bay Instory photo DSCF1122
Photo: Teammate Steve Cox hoses down a ride-on mower in the wash down bay.