Nov 4, 2020

  • Horticulture Services
  • Technigro


One of the most basic rules of safe operations on roads is to ensure one always has an escape route. When treating the weeds in the expansion cracks of walls on road sides or areas against bridge railings, Armco barriers or pedestrian limiting fencing, escape routes are not possible. For these areas Technigro utilises the Safety Capsule.


This unit is built to standards offering the occupant of the capsule minimised risk by negating the possibility of being crushed between the vehicle and the infrastructure. These units feature a 4 nozzle boom controlled by the operator within the capsule for servicing straight line concrete kerb and channel adjacent to the road surface. The operator can also use a gun or lance to reach weeds beyond the reach of the boom.


The capsules have approval from the Department Main Roads and Queensland Police for use on public roads. They also allow the treatment of weeds in Centre Medians without having to place operators on the ground meaning less traffic control required to provide a safer more cost effective work zone.