Jan 5, 2021

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As government and commercial organisations wrestle with increasing community concerns about: Chemical usage in public spaces; Water conservation; Cost control, and; Accountability; …modern-day municipal weed control demands a new, innovative approach. Our customers want instant, affordable and sustainable solutions.

Which is why H2O Weed Control – leveraging leading European hot water technology and driven by digital capabilities and innovative service delivery mechanisms – provides the latest complete weed management solutions available today.

Here at Technigro we are proud to have a fleet of Hot Water Weed Control machines including our Sensor 2.0 Machines and MiD 3.0 pictured below.


How does Hot Water Kill plants?

The high temperature destroys the cell structure of the plant, killing the cells. Plants with dead cells lose their turgidity; and leaves and stems immediately begin to wilt and die.

Why hot water weed control?

Because it takes a lot of energy (provided by heat) and correct transferral of the energy to achieve a systemic effect on the plant’s roots.

Thermal weed treatment is the process of supplying sufficient temperature to physically explode the cell structure, allowing for complete desiccation and breakdown of the organic material.

European research* indicates that hot water transfers 23-27 times more energy than hot air or steam.  This makes hot water the best thermal alternative to get the desired result on the weeds.