Dec 12, 2020

  • Aquatics
  • Horticulture Services
  • Technigro

This drainage channel in Elanora would be feeling much better after our Aquatics Team removed 16 tonne / 30 m³ of aquatic weeds and grasses.

The channel was congested with a mixture of aquatic vegetation including Parrots feather, Salvinia and Mexican Lily which had cause sediment buildup and allowed grasses and further terrestrial vegetation to grow.

Our Weedoo TigerCat harvester worked hard to dig out all of the roots of the unwanted plants, and remove some of the accumulated sediment to allow oxygen and light back into the water.

The surrounding birdlife were the first to appreciate the cleanout, with a family of waterhens immediately entering the water to stretch their legs.

We have three harvesters in our fleet with a number of attachments to tackle aquatic infestations and problems of any size.