Work Place Health and Safety from a Child’s Point of View

Technigro and more broadly the Citywide Group are first and foremost committed to the safety of all staff, the public and to cause minimal impact on the environment.

As a successful group of businesses we strive for world-class performance in everything we do. Staff safety is no exception. The increasing size and scope of our operations across Australia means that our safety responsibilities continue to expand and grow with our business.

To promote safety as a core value, a number of initiatives have been implemented to run annually and to be integrated into all processes. The first one is Goal Zero. This is Citywide’s safety initiative aimed at achieving Zero Fatalities, Zero Injuries, Zero at fault motor vehicle accidents and Zero adverse impact to the environment.

There is also an annual event called, Stop 4 Safety, which involves all Citywide personnel across multiple operations stopping work for 90 minutes to discuss and learn more about safe work practices. Stop 4 Safety involves structured discussions and presentations to create awareness about our Goal Zero safety message, ensure staff understand their responsibilities to safety, encourage staff to always think about safety when working in the field, and drive discussion to ensure Citywide establishes safety as a core value. It unites all staff and encourages them to reflect on the vital role safety plays in the workplace and on the things that matter outside the workplace.

This year the campaign hit home with a colouring competition whereby employees’ children were asked to draw a picture of their relative being safe at work.  They also had to say why they want their relative to be safe.  One of the proud recipients of a Stop for Safety Drawing Competition Awards is Lydia.  Lydia stated that her goal is for her mum to wear all her protective work wear at Technigro and stay safe as she wants her to be there for her all the time.

Safety is a core value. Together we can achieve GOAL ZERO.

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