Technigro’s Mr Reliable

Meet Technigro’s Turf Services Supervisor, Matthew Barnes.  Matt is an extremely positive and fun person to be around.  His colleagues describe him as approachable, honest and professional and someone with a true Aussie sense of humor!  Matt is known for being Mr Reliable and just getting the job done.  He professes not to be an expert but someone who is “really good”.  We beg to differ as his portfolio of work includes being part of a team who solves weed outbreak issues, poor turf nutrition and turning potential field renovations around with innovative, cost saving solutions.  One of his projects includes the case below where the ground was less than 50% desirable coverage.  Matt and the team successfully sewed grass seed to the area to turn the field from unplayable and a potential rebuild to beautiful lush grass in a matter of months.  You can read the case study here


Sportsfield During Crowsfoot Treatment

Sportsfield After Crowsfoot Treatment

Extremely hardworking his latest quest has been to successfully aerate 210 hectares of sports fields (1 hectare being the size of a football field) without damaging a single underground sprinkler.  This body of work is for the largest council in Australia and the full program of works includes aeration, fertilizing and weed maintenance across approximately 400 sports fields on an annual rotation.

Matt is also one of Technigro’s pin up boys with his modeling of the DPS going viral right around Australia in Landscape Manager’s Industry Legend’s article in Spring / Summer 2014. The picture has become one of Technigro’s Hero Shots as it symbolizes cleaner, greener and safer weed treatment in public open spaces.

Matt started in the horticulture industry at the age of 20 so has now been in the game over half his life.  He has worked in both hard and soft landscaping including golf course construction and turf management.  Highly qualified in both areas he also holds qualifications in Workplace Health and Safety.  He states that his proudest moment in his career is, “Everyday that I get home safely.  As a former Workplace Health and Safety Officer, I’m all about safety and getting home happy, safe and well.”

Matt is most passionate about providing the best playing surfaces for a range of different sports.  He said, “Hopefully a junior who kicks a ball on that turf could play for Australia one day!”

The craziest thing he has ever done was to cross the road at the busiest roundabout in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.  There are 10 million people and 6 million scooters.  He said, “It was a pretty hair raising experience.”

You might be surprised to know that spelling and grammar is high on Matt’s agenda, so much so that he proofreads his wife’s texts over her shoulder.  He also won the Marymount College Year 12 spelling bee back in the day.  His wordsmith talents will not be wasted when we nominate him for an article next month!!

A family man, when he’s not working you will find Matt spending time with his wife and daughter and rather than working on playing fields, he quite likes to sit back and watch people playing on them!

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