Technigro’s Golden Girl

Shenae Date is one of Technigro’s passionate team leaders, extremely bubbly; she is full of enthusiasm all the time!  When asked what her colleagues would say about her she states, “Shenae, never runs out of energy!”  A loyal member of the Technigro team for almost 7 years, Shenae is fearless, reliable and a true team player having recently been crowned team player of the year.

Shenae moved from South Australia to Queensland and joined Technigro as a Roads and Landscape Maintenance crew member.  With her excellent work ethic she was hand picked to join a highly skilled team for the Major Projects division.  Technigro was selected as the contractor to manage vegetation across one of the mega CSG pipeline construction projects in central Queensland.  Her role was to manage vegetation in accordance with the construction companies’ vegetation management plans.  Shenae said she jumped at the opportunity stating, “It was a new and exciting experience, the country out there is beautiful. Getting to ride a quad bike and drive a 4WD in the bush for a job is pretty awesome.”

When asked if she found it daunting at all she laughed and said, “It was one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever had to work on. You didn’t always have everything at your disposal out there so you have to improvise to get the job done!”

Central Queensland’s beautiful landscape

The work involved long working days ensuring kilometers upon kilometers of pipeline area remained weed free whilst supporting the construction timelines.  One of the main invasive species to control was Prickly Pear (Opuntia stricta).  This is a type of cactus that can grow excessively as seen in the image below.

Prickly Pear

Construction on CSG project

Shenae and the crew also conducted fire threat management and collected data for tailored reporting.  The crews worked closely with landholders and local communities ensuring clear communication along the way.

Across the construction projects, the crews covered more than 600 kilometres of pipeline easement.   Shenae’s work and the results of the project were so good she went on to become Supervisor for the team. Shenae said, “My promotion to Supervisor on the CSG lines in Major Projects has been my biggest achievement and hearing positive feedback from clients is the icing on the cake.”  Since the wrap up of the construction phase of the vegetation management, Shenae has returned to her role as Team Leader at the Yatala depot where she is responsible for maintaining the vegetation along the roads of South East Queensland.

Shenae has many stories to tell whilst working remotely including seeing wild animals including snakes, echidnas, dingoes and cows (one of which chased her across a field) as well as the odd break down and being stuck in the field.  The most bizarre story was when she left her boots outside the hotel door one night.  When she woke and found her boots were gone she went knocking on her crewmates doors telling them the joke was over and to give her boots back.  They declared they had not taken them but she still searched their rooms hopelessly.  After a fruitless search with her crewmates promising they didn’t have them, Shenae went to reception and they played the security tape from that night.  To everyone’s surprise a hotel patron walked past and picked the boots up, shoving them under their top and walking away, while covering their face from the camera.  It just goes to show that nothing is worth leaving outside your bedroom door no matter how dirty it is (and worthless as the boots were a female size 8!)

Shenae is not one to bear a grudge though and remains a free and happy spirit.  She lives by her motto, Carpe Diem, and says, “Just enjoy life!”

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