Natural Areas’ very own relation to Hollywood royalty

Meet Angus Lester one of the vital Natural Areas crew members who joined the team straight out of the Green Army Corps.   He is known for his vibrant personality and sound knowledge of all things restoration.

Extremely passionate about environmental conservation and management you could say it is in his blood.  He started out working within the environmental industry at his family’s horticultural brokerage business. He graduated university in 2014 with a Bachelors of Environmental Management and became a participant in the Green Army for 6 months before joining Technigro’s Natural Area’s team in early 2015.  He said, “Working as an ecological restoration officer I have the opportunity to make a contribution towards enhancing and protecting environmentally significant areas throughout SEQ.”

As a qualified horticulturist with several specialist licenses to his name, Angus has 12 months post graduate experience in the Vegetation Management industry.  He has a deep knowledge of Conservation & Wildlife Management, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment and is able to bridge the gap bewteen the science and management of natural areas.  He hopes to continue to use this knowledge in particular his major in Sustainable Development.

Angus has worked on projects of varying shapes and sizes from maintaining bush tracks to riparian restoration.  When asked what he is most proud of he states that it has the be the Dayboro Cat’s Claw Program where together with SEQ Water and the Pine Rivers Catchment, they saved over 2000 trees from this long-lived woody climber.  He states, I feel most proud,  “When Technigro fully rehabilitates a worksite which was infested with an invasive weed species.  It means the ecosystem can flourish again and along with our customer we can be proud that we are assisting in promoting sustainable environments.”

You might be surprised to learn that Angus is a distant relation to Hollywood western movie star John Wayne.  As well as his relation to Hollywood royalty, Angus is also a keen basketball, cricket and soccer player and has been the recipient of many sporting awards including Most Valuable Player within his basketball and cricket team.  He states, “The most amazing thing I have ever done was getting to travel along the west coast of the United States for a high school basketball trip.”  Although sport, travel and adventure are still a major part of his life, Angus is keen to make a difference right here in South East Queensland and continue to invest his time in ecosystem restoration with the Technigro Natural Areas team.

For more information on how Technigro’s Natural Areas team can assist email Natural Areas Manager Ariane Allen or call 1800  678  611

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