Mr Happy Days

Randall Fox is an instrumental leader in the Technigro Team. Responsible for all the assets within the business he remains calm, friendly and cheerful always free for a chat and lends a hand to everyone. Business Manager Nick Bloor says, “Whether it’s something that has broken or someone just needs a hand, Randall is always the first to step up and offer to help. He truly lives the company value of Achieving More Together.” A loyal member of the Technigro team for 5 years, Randall is a true team player having recently been crowned, “A Player of the Year.”

A Marine Mechanic by trade, Randall has also worked restoring several large Aircraft. He states, “My first business, when I was just 15, was called ‘Plane Good Looking’, where I would clean aircraft on the weekends at Coolangatta airport.” Very focussed and driven from a young age, Randall has also completed the Land Warfare Survival Course in the Army at Canungra Army barracks. With such a background, Randall is definitely the man for managing the assets at Technigro. This complex role touches every aspect of the business and every member of the team. In terms of equipment the list includes Utes, specialist equipment for weed treatment like the Driftproof Sprayer, chainsaws, mowers the list goes on and on. This is particularly true because Technigro perform vegetation management over many types of asset in a number of local and remote locations. Randall therefore needs to have the best in machinery for each division. A recent example includes the purchase of the Toro Multipro 1750 for Turf. For more information on this click here.  Randall not only purchases equipment but fixes them too and has also been involved in designing and creating new concepts. He states, “I was heavily involved with the design and building of a key piece of equipment here at Technigro named the Safety Capsule.” The Safety Capsule® is the latest innovation in roadside vegetation management and removes workers from high-risk roadside environments.

Randall sourced specialist equipment for a remote project in central Queensland where the crew were tasked to manage vegetation during the construction phase of the CSG Pipelines. He states,”Our involvement with the Coal Seam Gas projects was a very different challenge with new rules and regulations, deadlines and logistical complexities however, the end result was outstanding with the completion of several major vegetation corridors and the experience partnering with some of the largest stakeholders in the world.”

In terms of managing depots, Randall has had to ensure the smooth running of the business with approximately 4 office and depot moves during his tenure.  He states, “The company quickly grew and with this our business requirements changed and so the depots were spread out along the Pacific Highway.” The equipment was shared amongst the relevant depots, however as contracts and requirements changed Randall managed the successful move to a mega depot located at 4 Mark Porter Place in Ormeau.  Randall states, “This was a challenging task but with the support of the entire team this new location has really come to life and made a positive impact to the way we work and are able to manage equipment from one central place.”

When asked what he is most proud of he states, “I am particularly proud to simply say that I work with the best people in the industry here at Technigro; I am passionate about getting the job done with little or no down time.”  He went on to say that one year they were asked with short notice to deploy 10 vehicles with 20 staff specifically set up for storm clean operations in less than 4 days. Randall chuckles in disbelief and said, “Let’s just say we accomplished this, don’t know how, but we did.”

The craziest thing Randall has ever done was to navigate in a Rally car! He states, “I have always been obsessed with anything that goes fast, I have been lucky enough to drive race cars, race Jet Ski’s, boats and planes.” He was also made an honorary member of the QLD vintage Aircraft association where he used to devote a lot of time. With a cool life designing machinery and driving in the fast lane, it’s no wonder he lives by his motto, “Happy days!”

If you have any questions relating to plant and equipment (or things that need fixing!), contact Randall at 

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