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Thursday, 03-June 2021

A level plane field!!

A load of topsoil and some time with our bobcat and level bar had the runway in an acceptable state again. With a drop of rain and a few sunny days, the grass will shoot through the newly laid soil and thrive on the additional nutrients.

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Thursday, 15-April 2021

Thomas Park Bougainvillea Gardens

Thomas Park Bougainvillea Gardens is a heritage-listed public park which was designed and built by Henry Thomas as a private garden from 1914 to 1918.

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Wednesday, 10-March 2021

SEQ Cat’s Claw Programs

Technigro’s Bush Regeneration Team has been involved in Cat’s Claw Creeper treatment projects across South East Queensland in multiple catchments for the past 8 years.

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Monday, 15-February 2021

Weed Wiping – Improving Your Turf Quality!

Taller growing grasses have the potential to outcompete turf on sports fields and in parks, especially within lateral growing couch dominant areas.

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Thursday, 28-January 2021

Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Technigros Aquatic Weed Harvesting team have been busily removing aquatic weeds from numerous waterbodies across South East Queensland.

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Tuesday, 05-January 2021

Get to the root of the problem!

H2O Weed Control – leveraging leading European hot water technology and driven by digital capabilities and innovative service delivery mechanisms – provides the latest complete weed management solutions available today.

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Saturday, 12-December 2020

A much needed cleanout from our Aquatics Team!

This drainage channel in Elanora would be feeling much better after our Aquatics Team removed 16 tonne / 30 m³ of aquatic weeds and grasses.

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Monday, 19-October 2020

Technigro Bush Regenerators Win Again!

A great job by our Natural Areas team on successfully installing 5000 native plants in place of approximately 100 mature established (and hundreds of saplings) Chinese Celtis trees.

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Wednesday, 04-November 2020

Safety First – Safety Cell

One of the most basic rules of safe operations on roads is to ensure one always has an escape route.

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