Nowhere is our commitment to innovation better reflected than in our uncompromising approach to research and development.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the only readily available equipment was cumbersome and more suited to commercial agricultural spraying which was less than ideal for use in public open spaces. As a result, we began to modify and develop our own purpose-designed equipment.

Since then, we have set up our own government recognised research and development facility in which we reinvest a significant proportion of our annual profits. This has resulted in a number of Smarter Solutions which setting the benchmark for industry best practices and are helping Technigro deliver best value outcomes.


So Why Technigro?

Technigro’s service is safe, effective, convenient… and great value!

  • We are fully compliant with all statutory obligations
  • We will carry out the work when it is safest and most convenient, including after hours.
  • Our award winning equipment and experienced team are the best in the business – and our results are guaranteed.

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Specialist Services and Equipment Available to you


AutoMix™ is unique to Technigro and it is clearly the next generation in chemical spray application technology for use in vegetation management in public open spaces.

AutoMix™ chemical dosing pumps automatically meter and inject up to four products simultaneously into the spray line without manual handling or mixing.


State of the art safety features:

  • No pre-mix bulk chemical is carried on board
  • Chemical concentrate is transported in the original containers. These are secured in a bunded compartment
  • All operations are automatically controlled by a ‘Programmable Logic Controller’ (PLC) eliminating the manual mixing of chemicals
  • Bulk water is transported in a baffled, squat tank with a low centre of gravity, significantly reducing vehicle handling problems and permitting driver rear vision
  • All controller functions restricted by PIN access
  • Chemical injection functions are preset and automated providing more accurate and reliable dosing
  • Greatly reduces the chance of a major chemical spill occurring in the event of vehicle accident


EcoSpray® technology is state of the art and raises the bar to an unprecedented level in urban weed control units. It projects a safe, efficient and professional image and is the latest innovation to come out of Technigro’s in-house research and development facility.


EcoSpray® features the following innovations:

  • This modern, safe, reliable 4 x 4 vehicle is fitted with a fully enclosed, lockable canopy, designed to gain high public acceptance of urban weed control.
  • The ‘Xtra Cab’ feature of the vehicle provides a safe storage area for food, drink and other personal items.
  • All mixing/dosing functions are computer controlled and password protected
  • AutoMix™ chemical dosing pumps
  • ChemSmart drum refilling system negates the need for the operator to handle or measure chemicals
  • Twin 100m length hoses located under the equipment tray to permit use while the canopy is closed


The EcoWash® is a vehicle and equipment wash facility that not only captures the contaminated wash water but also cleans and recycles it for reuse, protecting water catchments
and the environment. This innovation is positioned to become an industry standard in any business activity where washing down of vehicles and equipment produces waste.


Key features include:

  • Automated control system developed in partnership with Griffith University
  • 3 stage filtration system that cleans water for use
  • Mutli door access to accomodate a variety of equipment and vehicles
  • Bunded storage for collected water
  • Backup systems to prevent overflowing.


Wind is a major problem for spray operators through causing potentially harmful spray drift. This is now a thing of the past with our award winning DriftProof® sprayers.


The safer solution

DriftProof® shielded sprayers apply liquid products, such as selective herbicides, insecticides, fertilisers and soil conditioners. The patented shield prevents potentially harmful spray droplets from escaping into the atmosphere. Instead, they are confined to the target area, a much safer option for both the operator and the public. In most instances, the tightly controlled nature of this technique actually results in less product being applied, which is good news for the customer and the environment.


The DriftProof® Quad

Our purpose designed DriftProof® Quad Bikes have been especially set up to work on amenity turf areas such as parks and sportsturf. They are lightweight, manoeuvrable and accurate and with a total gross weight of just 720kg, they will not disrupt or compact your turf.


SmartWiper® is a major breakthrough in the control of problem tall weeds in mown areas because many such weeds do not respond to conventional treatment using selective herbicides


Solving the problem of treating tall weeds

This highly innovative system accurately applies herbicide to problem tall grass weeds in mown surfaces, with a safe, controlled wiping action.


SmartWiper® features:

  • Unique sprayless technology uses a wiping action to apply a concentrated dose of Glyphosate to the taller weeds without contacting the underlying surface
  • Computerised ‘no drip’ control of herbicide feed to wiping pad ensures non-target areas are unaffected
  • Uses much less herbicide than other methods, making it environmentally friendly and more economical
  • No chance of spray drift
  • 360° vision and excellent manoeuvrability makes it extremely safe to use in areas frequented by members of the public

Safety Capsule

Technigro is leading the way in optimal safety for the roadside work environment. The Safety Capsule® is the latest innovation in roadside vegetation management and removes workers from high-risk roadside environments.


The Safety Capsule® padded operator cell offers the safest position for vehicle based work, while still enabling rapid kerb side and footpath access where closer manual treatment is required. The Safety Capsule® represents a major breakthrough in roadside weed control to increase productivity, reduce worker health concerns and increase network efficiencies.


To learn more about how The Safety Capsule® is leading the way in roadside vegetation management watch it in action here: Cutting Edge Technology – The Safety Capsule®