Inaugural International Garden Show Blooms in Brisbane

Pine Rivers Catchment Association and Technigro Collaborate at the Brisbane International Garden Show 

The inaugural Brisbane International Garden Show was held this month in Moreton Bay’s backyard at Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine. The show attracted more than 30,000 gardening enthusiasts set to join nationally and internationally renowned horticulture and landscaping experts including Graham Ross, Jim Fogarty and Jerry Coleby-Williams.

Event Manager Marion Beazley said the four-day garden show welcomed everyone from seasoned growers, right through to gardening novices and those simply looking for an enjoyable family day out.

The event also incorporated a free plant clinic, enabling attendees to pitch any curly questions to a dedicated team of gardening experts.

Pine Rivers Catchment Association’s (PRCA’s) Catchment Coordinator, Sonya Schmidtchen held a clinic on Weeds of South East Queensland and invited Technigro’s Natural Areas Crew to assist in addressing the audience. PRCA have a long standing and good working relationship with Technigro and Sonya believes the crew at Technigro’s Brendale depot are the “go to” ecosystem restoration specialists as she says, “They have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest treatment methods for current weed issues in SEQ”.

When asked why Sonya chose this topic she said, “I saw it as a great opportunity to inform the public as to what exotic plants they may have in their gardens and how some of them are impacting on the local environment on a consistent level, and why.”

Before the show, Sonya and the Technigro crew led by Mark Braddy along with Sam Schmidt, took some time together to source live specimens including Glycine, Mother-in-laws tongue, Corky Passion and Cats Claw.

Sonya said, “They proved to be of great interest to the audience as we gave tips on how to recognise and identify the plant, by touch, smell, feel, seed, flower etc.”

The picture below is of a Cats Claw stump. The audience could not believe how thick and strong this long-lived woody vine can grow.

Above picture of Mark Braddy, Sonya Schmidtchen and Sam Schmidt

Three main points were made with each weed presented.  They were: What it is and why it is an issue, How to identify it, and last but not least, How to treat it effectively.  The live specimens amazed the crowd and the presentation became interactive as Sam took each specimen around the room.  The feedback from the audience was extremely positive.

Technigro were honoured to be a part of this presentation with Sonya and the PRCA as well as to be part of this great event, which is a tribute to the unique Queensland landscape.  Mark said, “It was great to assist Sonya and to help local residents identify and treat weeds in their own backyard.”

The 2015 Brisbane International Garden Show incorporated more than 100 presentations across four stages and attracted attendees from around Australia and even as far afield as New Zealand. For more information on the show please visit  For more information on weeds of South East Queensland contact Mark Braddy via email:

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