Growth Regulation Benefits Sports Field Surfaces

PRIMO MAXX Turf Growth Regulator is designed to regulate vertical leaf growth and promote a higher quality, dense sward of healthier turf for better playing conditions. PRIMO MAXX treated turf plants continue to grow, just in a different way. Energy and resources normally used for vertical leaf growth are diverted to side shoots, stolons and the root system. Continually treated turf therefore has a bigger and healthier root system which helps the plant resist the effects of drought, stress and wear. Due to less leaf growth there will be fewer clippings and a noticeably cleaner cut. All these are benefits to aid the sports field curator in delivering high quality playing surfaces. Trials have shown that PRIMO MAXX treatments can enhance turf health, vigour and carbohydrate build-up, demonstrated by:

PRIMO MAXX delivers:

  • Better turf quality
  • Healthier turf
  • Consistent playing surface
  • Reduced management costs
  • Better wear tolerance
  • More successful over seeding/sowing

Did you know: Primo MAXX can help to extend the life of line markings?

PRIMO MAXX can extend the duration of line marking visibility when applied with marking paints.

Note: Mix PRIMO MAXX with water first when using latex-based marking paints. Refer to paint mixing instructions for further details.

Example – spraying equipment output should be known

Trials have shown the lines marked with paint mixed with PRIMO MAXX (foreground) remain clear and visible up to 50% longer than line marking paint alone.

For further inquiries, please contact Henk Smith on 0428 242 228 or Mark Walker on 0408 462 622.

To read more about the benefits of Primo Maxx click on the link below:

Fact Sheet PRIMO MAXX 

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