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Rebecca Lindsay is Technigro’s resident gardening fanatic! Also known as Bec, she has a reputation for being a hard honest worker with great attention to detail, however, she states, “I think that is best described as fussiness!” A self motivated and genuine person, Bec received the Technigro, ‘Do the right thing” Award in 2015.

Bec is a qualified horticulturist with 12 years experience in the industry, however, she has been gardening since she was 5 years old! With a Diploma in Horticulture and a Certificate in Garden Design, she loves transforming a living space to a tropical paradise. Her favourite project was when she ran her own gardening business in Victoria, one of her clients was hosting her mother in laws 100th Birthday and was flying in guests and an orchestra for the celebration. Instructions were for the gardens to be immaculate. Perched up high with panoramic views, Bec went to work on making the grounds spectacular. She states, “I look back at the photos and they looked like they were cut outs from a glossy magazine.”

100th Birthday Celebration View from Gardens

100th Birthday Celebration View from Gardens

Before joining Technigro she ran her own business and developed skills in vegetation management from organic agriculture to landscape gardening. She turns her hand to anything as nothing is ever a problem with her can do attitude. Bec has also spent time volunteering for Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens. Their vision is to, “Help children form positive food habits for life”. Bec states, “I care about where our food comes from and I love sharing the knowledge and skills I have with others. I believe that children need to learn about seasons and growing fruit and veg to ensure the legacy is not lost.”

Bec works in the Roads & Landscape division of Technigro. She covers 10s of kilometers each day for the Brisbane Concrete Kerb and Channel (CKC) weed control contract. When asked what she enjoys most about her job she states, “I like pushing myself to get the k’s I need as I can then see my role in assisting in the battle to keep our road ways safe and free from weeds.” She is particularly enjoying being, “Back in the garden” with a new contract landscaping round abouts in Brisbane. She states, “Each time we come back to the sites I notice positives about the work we carried out last time like the light shining through the trees or a previously unseen walkway is useable again. It is a very rewarding job.”

Looking back at her career Bec thinks her most honourable moment was after she had moved to Queensland and was requested by a previous client in Melbourne to spend a week getting the gardens of a million dollar mansion ready for sale. She states, “My client had full trust in my decisions and gave me full creative licence.” She not only took out old gardens but also requested a crane which blocked off the street for a whole day. Her client was extremely impressed with the outcome and it made them think twice about moving!

Bec’s kind and considered nature flows throughout her career and life as a mum. The craziest thing she ever did was to shave her head and raise $500 for a local football team and then did it again for Shave for a Cure, a Leukaemia & Blood Cancer fundraising event. It could be said that Bec is a big kid at heart with great morals and insight as her favourite saying comes from Dr Seuss, “The more that you read, the more that you know, the more that you know the more places you go.”

If you are looking for landscape specialists contact the Roads & Landscape’s Supervisor, Marcel Roggeveen or call 1800 678 611

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