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Technigro is multi-award winning sustainability company specialising in vegetation management. For over 25 years Technigro was a family owned business and only recently became a part of one of the largest vegetation management companies on the east coast, Citywide.  Technigro has and will continue to expertly service the South-East, Central and Northern Queensland, as well as the Northern NSW communities, providing solutions and services, including Roads and Landscapes, Natural Areas and Turf services to numerous high profile customers like Brisbane City Council and Gold Coast City Council. We are proud to have operated throughout our entire history in high profile urban conditions without a single major blemish, an accomplishment that supports our claim to having a proven track record second to none. For our commitment to safety, innovation and the environment it’s no wonder we have won numerous awards for our business as a whole.

Of course, nothing defines a business better than:

Our Values

Safety matters deeply to us, as do the people we work with, the communities we operate in and the environment in which we work.

We never assume to know everything about our customers. We seek to understand all of our stakeholders and appreciate their true needs beyond the immediate task at hand.

We seek new and better ways of doing things and we’re inquisitive about new technology.

We are empowered and take responsibility to deliver on our commitments on time.

We always aim to do things right first time and strive for superior performance.

Our purpose

“Changing the way vegetation is managed in Australia, forever”
Having a clearly stated purpose gives our company heart. It is the very essence of our existence and tells us why we do what we do. This purpose is embodied in our company icon:
The EOS.
Named after the Greek goddess of the new day, EOS reflects our commitment to constantly strive for the essential balance between the environment, community, individual and corporation.

Our People

Committed, dedicated people are the heart and soul of all successful teams and we believe our team is the best in the business. Our people are professional, solution driven and empowered to do what is necessary to provide best value outcomes for our customers.
Every day our staff are working in the heart of the community. They are responsible for maintaining the consistently high standards of performance our customers have come to expect and deserve much of the credit for gaining widespread public acceptance and building Technigro’s enviable reputation for professionalism.

Professional, well trained and experienced

All Technigro Team Members are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to be the best at what they do; however it doesn’t stop there. We also provide them with the opportunity to participate in professional development programs in order to further expand their existing skill base and qualifications.

Dynamic leadership

Our management and support personnel constantly strive to achieve market-leading excellence in every sphere of the company’s operations. This begins on day one by instilling an appreciation of the company’s values into each new employee and ensures that the Technigro Team are all working towards their core purpose of “Changing the way vegetation is managed in Australia, forever”.

This creates the Technigro difference:

  • a committed and highly skilled staff
  • equipped with innovative equipment
  • delivering sustainable solutions that are better for our planet

Our History

In 1987, we entered an industry tainted by negative publicity about crop spraying, a problem that had carried over into almost every area of horticultural activity.

This adverse publicity impacted on many businesses in the horticultural and agricultural arena. Because of this, we decided to adopt an entirely fresh approach based upon:

  • A focus on safety
  • New and innovative technology and work practices
  • Open and honest dialogue with the public
  • Highly skilled field operatives competent in public relations
  • More effective monitoring and reporting systems

Successful strategies equal community acceptance

Being a new player in the industry, we did not have to carry the same baggage as our predecessors. As a result we were able to quickly reverse the adverse trends of the past and gain widespread community acceptance.

Commitment to research and development

Our inability to source purpose designed equipment suited to the urban environment soon became another major hurdle. To overcome this we began to develop our own specialised equipment, a process that saw the birth of our unique range of DriftProof equipment, now seen as the industry benchmark. This prompted us to commit a portion of our profits to set up a government recognised R&D facility. This initiative has since produced a number of other key innovations.

More sustainable work practices

We also made a strong commitment to the introduction of more sustainable work practices and went on to pioneer a number of exciting service initiatives all aimed at better protecting the environment. This included setting up our specialised Natural Areas operating division now gaining widespread recognition and accolades.
These initiatives helped Technigro grow into the multi-million dollar business it is today while also setting many exciting new industry benchmarks.

Our Policies

Click here to view the pdf on our company’s policies.