3 Ways to Minimise Risk in Public Open Spaces

At Technigro we pride ourselves on being passionate innovators.  Through the development of technology and best practice solutions we are committed to solving challenging problems in ways that are safer for people & the environment.  The following innovative solutions help provide safer alternatives to traditional methods of managing vegetation in public open spaces.

Safety Capsule

Technigro is leading the way in optimal safety for the roadside work environment. The Safety Capsule is the latest innovation in roadside vegetation management, removing workers from high-risk roadside environments. Not only does it protect workers, it also minimises risk for the general public and passing motorists in high-risk roadside environments.

DriftProof Sprayer

Chemical spray drift is a major problem when working in close proximity to people, plants and sensitive environments.  Spray drift is now a thing of the past with the award winning DriftProof sprayer. Reducing chemical use by up to 70% and eliminating potentially harmful spray drift, the DriftProof sprayer is an industry step change in the treatment of parks, sportsfields and other public open spaces.


The SmartWiper is a breakthrough in the control of problem tall weeds in mown areas.  The targeted ‘non-drip’ chemical application system treats weeds in parks, roadsides and sports fields safely and effectively.  This not only helps reduce the cost of mowing, but also greatly improves the quality and appearance of urban environments.  The SmartWiper is particularly useful in treating hard to control weeds which do not respond to selective herbicides.

To find out more about any of these innovative solutions, click on the links in the titles, contact us at info@technigro.com.au or simply call 1800 678 611

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