Weed Watch

Welcome to Weed Watch, your alert to new and emerging threats. New and emerging weeds are reported every year in South East Queensland. These weeds present a significant threat to our environment and if left untreated can cause substantial damage and be extremely costly to control. The below fact sheets provide information on ID, distribution, habitat and look-alikes. Weed Watch also offers best practice control methods to ensure you have the ammunition you need to win the war on weeds.

Click on the image to download a PDF fact sheet about that weed.

Angel’s Trumpet

Blue Stars

Chinese Tallow Tree

Coral Creeper

Giant Bird of Paradise

Hairy Cat’s Claw Creeper

Japanese Climbing Fern

Little Bluestem

Mexican Bean Tree

Northern Olive

Pencil Willow

Red Ludwigia

Tiger Grass

White Oak

Alexander Palm

Brazilian Glory Vine

Coiled Indigo

Cotton Rose

Giant Palm-Lily

Hairy Water Hyssop

Job’s Tears

Leaf Cactus


Painted Indian Mallow



Tropical Soda Apple

Yunnan Bauhinia

Awabuki Sweet Viburnum

Brunswick Grass

Colombian Waxweed

Creeping Burrhead

Golden Champaca

Himalayan Ash

 Kidneyleaf Mud-Plantain

 Long-leaved Willow Primrose

Ming Asparagus Fern

Paper Mulberry

Pickerel Weed

Sleeping Hibiscus

Water Mimosa

Zigzag Wattle

Bahia Lovegrass

Ceylon Hill Cherry

Coral Ardisia

Dwarf Tamarillo

Golden Trumpet Tree

Ivy Gourd

Lax Panic Grass

Matted Sandmat

Monkey’s Comb

Paraguay Burr

Pinto Peanut

Slenderleaf Bundleflower

Water Stargrass