Turf Services

Technigro is a recognised industry leader in the provision of turf management in South East Queensland and Northern NSW delivering services and projects for the past twenty-eight years. Clients include Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Redland City Council and numerous private sector businesses, schools, clubs and community groups in Queensland.

Technigro has a high level of competency related to all aspects of turf management, considering this activity to be core business.

Technigro has developed and refined systems and processes, equipment, staff training, quality assurance and monitoring and reporting protocols to support the safe and environmentally responsible management of these important green assets.

Technigro staff members have mastered techniques and processes which allow us to operate in both densely populated areas and rural areas in full view of the public with minimal disruption and the trust of the local community. We have dedicated considerable time to training our staff in the correct work methods and procedures necessary to ensure work is completed to the highest standard in the safest and most efficient manner possible, every time.


Technigro’s Range of Turf Services

Herbicide, Insecticide and Pesticide Chemical Applications
Aeration Treatments
Fertilising and Soil Amendment Applications
Weed Wiping Applications
Turf Consultancy Services

Herbicide, Insecticide and Pesticide Chemical Applications

Technigro owns and operates 5 Drift Proof Sprayers and a Toro Multipro to provide precision applications of all Turf related products.

The DriftProof® solution

Wind is a major problem for spray operators. Even a light breeze can result in potentially harmful spray drift. With Technigro’s range of award winning DriftProof® sprayers, problem spray drift is now a thing of the past. The patented shield keeps spray droplets in, ensuring the product goes on the ground and not up in the air. This equates to a much safer treatment for operators and the public, with better results. In many cases it even means less product is required, which is also good news for the environment.

Key features:

  • Extremely lightweight and suitable to go on any class of turf
  • Patented, full shielded DriftProof® housing
  • Extremely maneuverable with safe 360 degree vision
  • Significantly reduced water consumption
  • Highly visible safety lighting and signage
  • Quickly adapts to 2m or 4m width spray band
  • Blocked nozzle indicator
  • Fitout and spray equipment purpose designed and built for sportsfields and parks

The ultimate lightweight sprayer
The DriftProof® Quad has been designed and developed by Technigro for amenity turf areas such as parks and sportsfields. Its unique range of features makes the DriftProof® Quad the perfect spray solution for the best practice turf manager.

  • The ability to spray in a range of wind conditions means pro-grams can be adhered to without the usual frustrating delays
  • No spray drift requires less water for even coverage, meaning the turf is dry sooner, allowing for shorter re-entry periods
  • Low pressure nozzles and droplet containment means less unpleasant chemical odours, a feature much appreciated by members of the public
  • Its unique “no tools” folding system means the sprayer converts from large area mode to limited access mode, quickly and simply
  • A total gross weight of just 720kg means less compaction and surface disruption, making the DriftProof® Quad the ultimate lightweight sprayer

Aeration Treatments

Technigro owns and operates 3 Aeration units including a Weidenmann and a VertiDrain Unit that can complete both solid tine and coring tine applications.
Regular aeration of sporting surfaces is essential to ensure turf grass quality is maintained throughout the playing season. The impact and cost of not carrying out these operations can be high, resulting in injury to players or cancelled fixtures, both issues which will have an impact on the clubs using the asset.
The vast majority of sporting fields and multi-purpose parks are grown in a medium consisting of a blend of soil and sand that provide a suitable environment for plant growth. This growing medium is made up of differing proportions of mineral and organic material and soil pores for water and air.
Maintaining the correct balance of these components is critical for sustaining healthy plant growth. The spaces between the particles of solid material are just as important to the nature of soil, as are the solids themselves. It is in these pore spaces which create the environment for the plant to obtain the necessary nutrients, air and water it requires to respire and grow.
The main contributing factor that reduces and damages pore spaces in soil is compaction, typically caused by compression forces normally associated with play and use of machinery, particularly during wet weather periods. Over time, these compression forces reduce the pore spaces so that air, water and nutrient flow through the soil profile is restricted, and leads to the many problems associated with compaction.

To alleviate these compacted layers in turf surfaces, Technigro use both hollow coring tines and solid tines techniques via a tractor mounted vertical punch aerators with the following benefits:

  • Improved soil surface drainage and water infiltration
  • Increased soil pore space allowing oxygen in which improves root growth and development
  • Aids integration of topdressings into the soil profile
  • Aids the breakdown of thatch/organic matter

Key Features of the Technigro Units:

  • Tractor with turf tyres
  • Manoeuvrable with safe 360 vision
  • Highly visible safety lighting and signage
  • Solid tine aeration to a depth of 300mm
  • Robust machine capable of 4500m3 per hour with solid tines
  • Heavy duty roller replaces any turf damage discrepancies

Fertilising and Soil Amendment Applications

Technigro owns and operates 3 precision granular Fertiliser & Soil Amendment Spreaders.

Soil amendments and fertiliser greatly improve the vigour and health of turf grass when correctly scheduled into a proactive management program. The application of soil amendments and fertiliser is a crucial component of any turf management program as it provides the desirable species with the nutrition required to stay healthy and out-compete the undesirable weed species.
The use of our quad mounted spreading equipment is perfect for the application of soil amendments and granular fertilisers due to their lightweight nature, eliminating surface damage and compaction issues.
Accuracy is assured through the use of a foam marking system, eliminating the costly wastage of product and uneven growth patterns due to missed areas or overlapping applications.


  • Highly accurate and uniform application
  • Lightweight and suitable to go on any class of turf
  • Manoeuvrable with safe 360 degree vision
  • Low centre of gravity for maximum stability when working on uneven terrain
  • Safe operation with highly visible safety lighting and signage
  • Ability to accurately and efficiently spread all granular amendments
  • Low sided hopper for easy filling and reduced risk of product wastage
  • Time efficient application ensures large programs can be completed quickly
  • Versatility in applications over a wide range of products and situations


Our experienced team specialise in the precision application of all granular products using quad mounted spreading equipment. This includes combination products such as Ronstar + Starter or Pre M that allow the application of a pre-emergent weed barrier whilst applying fertiliser to the area being treated.
Technigro recommend conducting a soil test prior to amendment application to accurately identify and rectify soil deficiencies. This information is used in the development of an effective soil amendment and nutrition program that will ensure your turf is receiving the nutrition it requires all year round.


Weed Wiping Applications

Technigro’s SmartWiper® is a major breakthrough in the control of problem tall weeds in mown areas that do not respond to conventional treatment with selective herbicides.

Wiregrass is a common weed of most sport and park surfaces in South East Queensland due to its prevalent seeding and lack of an effective selective herbicide control. The unique spray less technology of the SmartWiper® uses a wiping action to apply a concentrated dose of Glyphosate to taller weeds such as Wiregrass without contacting the underlying surface.

Although Wiregrass is the main weed targeted by the SmartWiper®, it can be used to gain control on areas affected by almost any weed that breaks mowing intervention heights such as Giants Rats Tail, Bahia and Crowsfoot.

Accuracy is assured through the use of a foam marking system, ensuring complete coverage and eliminating the costly wastage of product.


  • Provides true selective control of problem weeds
  • Computerised ‘no drip’ control ensures no off-target damage
  • Foam markers ensure complete and accurate coverage
  • Precise ‘terrain following’ height control prevents scalping
  • 360 vision and excellent manoeuvrability makes it extremely safe
  • Can be used in multiple situations such as on sport fields, parks and roadsides

Technigro recommend a dual application program for best results. This program is best applied in conjunction with a pre-emergent program as each Wiregrass plant can produce thousands of viable seeds per season.

Repeated weed wiping applications have proven to achieve con-sistent, long-term control when combined with good turf man-agement practices. For best results, at least 75mm of separation is needed between the desired turf and the seed head of the wire grass plant.

Due to the separation pre-requisite, it is recommended to contact our specialist Turf Services Team to inspect and devise a suitable program for your specific turf needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


Turf Consultancy Services

The field assessment is a scientific evaluation of the sports fields is completed to ensure the safety and performance of the asset.

The attributes listed below are tested as part of the field audit program:

  • Turf Composition (i.e. percentage cover of desirable turfgrasses, weeds and bare ground);
  • Soil Profile (i.e. soil strata and texture classes as determined from soil cores);
  • Thatch Depth (i.e. thickness of thatch above soil surface);
  • Root Depth (i.e. depth that turf roots have penetrated into the soil profile);
  • Soil Nutrient Analysis (i.e. concentration and saturation of nutrients from soil samples);
  • Surface Hardness (i.e. surface resistance to impacts);
  • Soil Compaction (i.e. penetration resistance at 100mm and > 200mm depth in soil profile);
  • Soil Moisture Content (i.e. percentage volumetric water content);
  • Surface Levels (i.e. evenness of the field); and
  • Water Infiltration Rate (i.e. rate at which the soil is able to absorb water).

The data collected is used to develop site specific turf management programs that deliver the key actions required to positively impact on the quality and play-ability of the turf surface under management. By understanding the key issues being faced, we are able to determine the most appropriate strategic decisions that will improve overall sports field sustainability whilst having access to the detailed specifications and budget estimates for future project planning and budget development.