“The major reasons for choosing Technigro were:

The company’s strict adherence to legislative and procedural requirements
The company is quality assured
The well maintained vehicles with high levels of safety standards and advanced DriftProof spraying systems”

Alan Williams, Team Leader – Parks and Gardens
Moreton Bay Regional Council

“North Coast Region has commissioned the services of Technigro for vegetation rehabilitation projects for both degraded sites and post road construction projects. Technigro’s service and advice are professional, experienced, honest and punctual.

Main Roads has long-term responsibilities both to the public and the environmental landscape. Technigro’s appreciation of our organisation has helped in providing us with reliable outcomes”

Luke Hamilton, Environmental Officer
Queensland Department of Main Roads

“From Syngenta’s perspective, we see Technigro as outright leaders in their field – nationally. Their key points of difference are simple:

They pay attention to detail.
They service their customers and out-service their competition.
They walk their own talk.
Syngenta are extremely delighted to associate themselves to one of the most professional service providers in the industry”

Sam Hole, Business Unit Manager – Turf, Home & Garden
Syngenta Australasia