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Matty G, Wood Carver

Matty G is the infamous Wood Carver based in South East Queensland. His work has touched the lives of many and he was recently commissioned to carve statues from recycled weed trees on a Natural Areas project. Read more on the project here.

We spent some time getting to know Matty and why he does what he does:

How did you become involved in the project with Technigro?

A member of the Technigro team called me out of the blue, as do many people. I believe he had seen me at a carving show and he thought what better way to repurpose weeds during a felling project than to create art for all to enjoy.

What did you create and how were they used?

I carved 2 big water dragons on site and we left them around the waterway as this is a typical habitat for such fauna. The access path will be opened for bush walkers and so it will be a great treat for members of the public to see an art installation on their travels.

How long does it take to create these carvings?

It depends on what has been commissioned. Some can be carved out in a morning where as others may take 2-3 weeks of continuous work.

Why do you love what you do?

I am lucky in that I have variety in my life and I don’t ever feel like I am working. I take people on Outback Adventure holidays as a guide and I also create art using recycled timber. Nothing makes me happier than seeing families connecting with each other and nature. It is also so rewarding to see someone take ownership of their newly created piece of art. The joy both bring are immeasurable.

How has your business become known?

I don’t really call it a business. It is more of a foundation for bringing communities and families together with nature. I take families out to nature and I bring nature to cities in the form of recycled art.  I often have carvings commissioned for charity events and auctioned off. Most people see my work at Wood Shows and word of mouth.

Where are your wood carvings?

They are across Australia, New Zealand and Japan. I hope to one day be commissioned to represent Australia in every major city through a wood carving for all to see, learn from and enjoy. It could become Australia’s largest art installation with zero impact on the environment and unlimited positive impact in connecting communities.

What was your favourite carving?

A giant seahorse which I sent down to Adelaide and a Kangaroo as seen in the picture below.


What is your favourite saying?

“Let’s go for it!”

If you are interested in wood carvings or want to assist in making his installation in major cities come true, reach out to Matt, treeservice.matt@gmx.com or visit: http://mattyginc.com

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