60 Seconds with…Jyri Kaapro

Reknowned Turf Research Manager Jyri Kaapro talks to Technigro in an exclusive rapid interview to tell us what got him started in the industry, his current projects, his proudest achievement and what makes him smile.

1.  Describe your role in one sentence:

Research and Development of Bayer’s portfolio in turf, forestry, industrial vegetation management and ornamentals.


2.  Why did you want to work in vegetation management?

Coming from a farming family I always enjoyed the study of plants and working with them, the progression into my current role just evolved.


3.  What is the best part of the work you do?

Every day is different.


4.  What are your current projects?

Significant herbicide development in all the fields listed previously.


5.  The biggest challenge I have overcome in my career is…

Time management.


6.  My proudest achievement at work was…

Seeing the efforts from the team to get products to market (it’s a long road to get there).


7.  My experience with Technigro has been…

Technigro have been a great help in conducting trials for the development of some of our products. We look forward to continuation of that relationship.


8.  If you could give one piece of advice for someone starting out in the industry, what would it be?

Sound knowledge in basic science is important.


9.  If I could go back 10 years and meet my former self I’d tell them…

Nothing. What will be, will be.


10.  What makes you smile?

My dog.


11.  Name three famous people you would like to have for dinner?

Paul Kelly, Paul Kelly, Paul Kelly


12.  Where would we find you in your spare time?

At home (or playing cricket)


For more information on the products and research within Jyri’s field click here.  To contact Jyri email: jyri.kaapro@bayer.com 

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